• Peer Networking and Hosted Exchange: Simple is elegant.

    A small law office had very specific IT objectives to streamline operations while keeping the interface very simple and non-distracting. LC helped them “go paperless” by unleashing the full capacity of new equipment and document management software and fine-tuning the workflow. Rather than introducing the overhead of a server, they were able to accomplish what they needed at a fraction of the cost with Windows 7 libraries and hosted Exchange.

  • Office Renovation, IT Makeover: Having Leschi Consultants manage the IT piece of your remodel keeps chaos out of the design.

    Within a three month period, a leading player in Seattle’s affordable housing industry converted to Voice over IP phones, set up a server, relocated twice for a remodel, and upgraded all their computers. Leschi Consultants helped coordinate all technology elements of the transitions so that operations continued with minimal downtime.

  • Custom Database Development: Leschi Consultants helped Mt. Baker Housing Association develop a highly usable database to meet specialized requirements.

    A multi-family housing developer was unable to find a custom database to track repair history and capital planning. LC developed a custom application that is replacing impressions with hard data to guide sound investment decisions.

  • Enterprise Software Implementation: We offer both the expertise and the flexibility needed to introduce new software that will change the way you do business. What’s missing is the usual trauma.

    A manufacturer in the competitive aviation industry knew they needed to increase control over inventory, processes and delivery schedules to stay competitive. Leschi Consultants helped them upgrade the IT infrastructure needed for the need software, created custom programming to make the enterprise application usable,  populated the data with thousands of inventory items, and trained machinists to work more efficiently within the new system. At the conclusion of the project, the database administrator transitioned to a permanent position. Leschi Consultants continues to provide general IT support to the company.