Leschi Consultants offers all of the functions you would expect of your ideal IT manager:

    • Someone who’s great with computers and networking,
    • A management-type with a big-picture perspective who’s focused on helping your business get ahead,
    • Someone who’s good with people and genuinely interested in helping every computer user in your organization.

In other words, we can be your dream employee–except you only need to pay for what you really need! Here’s more detail about what Leschi Consultants can do to turn your computers into well-oiled machines.

System Design and Implementation Services

Each project starts with a formal or informal design process responding to your business problem or objective. We have experience and expertise in managing companies and people, not just technology.

    • Network Planning: We help clients organize mission-critical data logically.  This means controlling access to sensitive information, while putting important data at the fingertips of every computer user.
    • Remote Access: Business today is done on-the-go. Workers need data access on their phones, laptops, and home computers. We implement a variety of remote access technologies to create secure virtual offices throughout the region or across the country.
    • Cloud and Hosted Services: More and more traditional server functions are available via online services that offload hardware acquisitions and IT maintenance functions to a hosted solution provider. Hosted Exchange, online file systems, web database applications, file synchronization utilities, and online backup systems are just a few of the services that we can help you access safely and cost-effectively.
    • Backup and Disaster Recovery: Every organization needs a local and an off-site backup, but that’s where the generalizations stop. Leschi Consultants can configure custom-scripted and third-party solutions for every situation. These range from highly-redundant systems for the enterprise to simple home-office backup tools that can be set up in under 30 minutes.

Technology Infrastructure Management:  

As your on-demand IT Department, we run interference for you with the whole world of technology to make sure you receive quality service that meets your objectives.  We help you plan, evaluate and implement outside technology infrastructures such as broadband connectivity, voice over IP telephones, domain management, internet security, low voltage cabling services and software subscriptions. Because we know the business of IT infrastructure inside and out, we can manage these services smoothly and minimize disruptions. We function as your buyer’s broker in technology purchases, evaluating services and products objectively for quality and value.

Computer Concierge Services:

Don’t spend hours working your way through the maze of an off-shore helpdesk to solve a computer problem.  When you need answers, get them:  quickly.  Each Leschi Consultants client has an account manager with detailed knowledge of his or her computer system and communication preferences. If a phone call or remote support session doesn’t fix the problem right away, a technician will be onsite the same day for emergency service.

Project Management:  

When it comes to technology business systems, change is good but change can be really painful.  Whether it’s something simple like a new broadband provider or a phone system, or something really complex like enterprise software or complying with enhanced data security requirements, we can help ensure a successful outcome with minimal disruption of your business operations. Let us help you manage technology, so you can manage your business.

Software Implementation and Customization:

Businesses like restaurants and manufacturer rely upon enterprise software to function efficiently and compete in the marketplace. Even though your software vendor may offer implementation, training and support services for their applications, we can help with software evaluation, integration into your existing network, first-tier user support, and helping to determine whether breakdowns are due to a software problem or within your network. Don’t let your outside vendors point fingers at each other while your systems are down. We can also build customized database applications in Access for specialized requirements.