Larry FaustLarry Faust:

Larry spent 20 years building a large therapy practice before he decided that building elegant business systems was more fun than fighting with insurance companies to get paid.  Now 11 years after founding Leschi Consultants he continues to be amazed at how many similarities there are between therapy and technology consulting. He used to adapt environments and harness untapped abilities to help people with disabilities reach their potential. Now he implements IT resources and trains users in order to allow businesses to function at maximum productivity. In both careers he has loved making things work and helping others be successful.

Larry’s favorite place outside of Seattle is Shaw Island, and he loves getting out on the water there and appreciating the beauty of the San Juan Islands. Closer to home he enjoys golf, gardening and fly fishing. His wife Myra provides guidance to Leschi Consultants as a member of the Board, works part time as an occupational therapist with Providence Elderplace and is a private practice Care Manager. Larry’s daughter Katelyn attends Holy Names Academy in Seattle and spends much of her free time playing year-round soccer.

Rick BurleighRichard F (Rick) Burleigh

Building on his educational background in electrical engineering, Rick has extensive prior experience in software development and project management. Since joining Leschi Consultants in 2009, he has developed particular strengths in the areas of backup system design, server management, emerging hardware technologies and the Drupal content management platform for web development. Rick has great facility is combing the Internet to identify the best possible solution to clients’ unique requirements.

When Rick isn’t poking around the inside of computer, he loves getting outdoors. Rick’s idea of a little exercise is a 50 mile bike ride, an overnight back-country ski tour, or a backpack to the top of Mt. Adams or Mt. Rainier. He lives is West Seattle with his wife Susan, who pursues two successful careers as a speech pathologist and an area manager with Cookie Lee Jewelry.

Claire FaltesekClaire Faltesek:

Claire offers multifaceted administrative support to Leschi Consultants. She has a genuine interest in helping people and an eye for detail. She also sports a tendency to be thorough and organized. Since 2008 she has worked out of the main office, enjoying visits from the company mascot: Sadie the puggle.

When not adding color to data sheets, Claire creates art at her studio in Edmonds. Her husband is an IT guy for Nordstrom. Her daughter is in high school and also plays year-round soccer allowing for ample time on the pitch in Seattle’s famous mist.